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Join the South Pole Expedition 2017 of the first woman to follow the whole trail of Roald Amundsen in 1911, to the South Pole.
South Pole 2017 expedition

Be part of the adventure

Support the project and join the adventure. As a woman and a man we become a strong team. We fulfil each other. We invite you to, from the confort on your home, to be part of our journey to the South Pole. We are stronger together.

Buy a spot for your photo on the sled

This can be you!

Have your photo on this sled and join the route to the South Pole.

The photo of you will be our inspiration, motivation, and joy along our 80 days and 2050 km journey, aiming to be the first woman following Roald Amundsen trail in 2017/18.

Dager til utflygning til Antarktis








Get expetition updates!

It’s a challenging expedition to follow Roald Amundsen’s route to the South Pole. 70 days and 2050 km will have to be completed.

Astrid will, along the journey, read and annotate messages via satelite telephone. And you may receive these updates right into your mailbox. 

Support this expedition by donating a amount of your choice (min. $25,-) og receive these e-mail updates from Antarctica.

A thank you note in the book
E-mail updates straight from Antarctica

Option B: $620,- Have your company logo or personal photo at the South Pole!

We will have your own flag made with your logo, or personal photo, at 50 x 70cm size. This will be shipped to the South Pole to be met by the expedition when we return in mid January 2018. Your flag will then be signed and photographed. 

When we return, you will have this flag returned to you together with the photograph. This could also be the most amazing Christmas gift of the year. And for that, you will also receive a Christmas card along with it. (Join and deliver by December 15th)


  • Photo and a flag with 50 x 70cm size
  • Have it signed and photographed at the South Pole
  • Your names and thank you notes in the book after
  • Receive e-mail newsletter updates directly from the expedition


  • Your companies logo at 50 x 70cm size
  • Have it signed and photographed at the South Pole
  • Company name and thank you notes in the book
  • E-Mail newsletter updates directly from the expedition

South Pole Expedition 2017 – Why?

I made a choice. Nine years ago a dying patient I was working with shared a life-transforming message with me: “Astrid, live while you are alive”…

My dream is to reach the South Pole. And I want to inspire you to follow yours! We have one life, so now is the time!

South Pole Expedition 2017

The dying patient

“Astrid, you have to live while you are alive”…

In my work as a nurse specialized in cancer, these are the last words one of my patients told me.

His biggest regret was to lose his time here and not following his dreams.

He kept pushing it ahead and also being afraid what others might say. And he was afraid he couldn’t make it, and now it was too late. It’s a moment I will never forget. This conversation did something to me.

Me, together with Sivert, you will be reminded of the same lesson that patient gave me. To begin living and follow your dream.

Follow your dream!

Your goal can seem way to big and out of reach. But you have to believe in it, And you will grow into it.

Nothing is impossible until you have tried, and this is what it’s all about. Dare to try, take a few risk and see the opportunity. No matter what other people might say otherwise.

Your dream can come true

By joining our journey to the South Pole, we hope to inspire you to make something out of your own dreams. To do something about it.

No matter how small or big, we would be happy if you would share it with us, and with other people. By supporting us, you will have the option to write and share your dream with the world!

If you just want to cheer on us…

We need cheering from a big crowd. If you want to join without pursuing your own goal, that’s fine. We truly need you also. Somebody have to sit tight on their couch to cheer us up. And we will go on by your motivation also.

Will we make it?

Will we make to “be the first woman to trail the Roald Amundsen route to the South Pole”? To make new history with our polar expedition on mark Norway on the map one more time…?

Will you join us in this historical journey?

We need your help in this

Your photo can be blended in to the coolest polar sled being pulled to the South Pole. Along 2050km over 80 days.

In our expedition newsletters we will inspire you tell you all about our progress and things we are working on. During the expedition you will receive updates directly from Antarctica.

We need everyone of you to push us forward and motivate us along the way. And we will work hard to reach our goal and to bring you along this adventure.

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Expedition 2017

Read more about the expedition for 2017. See the map and details about the trail to the South Pole.

Historical Facts from 1911

The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his men reached the South Pole in 1911. Read more historical facts here.

Follow your dream!

Follow your dream. Our goal is to reach the South Pole. And along the way we will motivate you to follow yours!

From Bay of Whales to the South Pole

107 years after this trail was conquered by Roald Amundsen, we are working towards having Astrid to be the first woman to follow his route.
Together with Jan Sverre Sivertsen.

Astrid Furholt

My journey started a day at the hospital where I work as an oncology nurse. I talked with a man whom I had followed over time – Read More

Jan Sverre Sivertsen

Standing at the South Pole in 2011 is a bitter sweet memory. A fantastic trip did not end as I hoped. Instead of ski in triumph to the pole, we covered the final stretch by airplane – Read More
Astrid Furholt - Polar explorer
Jan Sverre Sivertsen

Norsk flag

Meld deg på nyhetsbrevet vårt!

Vil du vite detaljer og fakta om prosjektet, og motta dagbok fra expedisjonen? Blir med for bare 200kr. Og vi lover å dele fra eventyret  vårt rett til din e-mail innboks.

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Get expedition updates to your e-mail

Do you want the details and facts from the expedition, and receive journal entries along the way? Join in for $25.  And we promise to share this adventure right to your inbox.

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