From ‘Bay of Whales’ to the South Pole

107 years after this route was acomplished by Roald Amundsen, I’m aiming to be the first woman to follow this trail to the South Pole. Together with Jan Sverre Sivertsen, we are stronger together.

Astrid Furholt

Astrid Furholt

My journey started a day at the hospital where I work as an oncology nurse. I talked with a patient whom I had followed over time. He was about to die soon.

Looking back at his life he found he had so many dreams undone. Dreams he had not tried to follow when he had the chance.

He had postponed his dreams because he thought he could do them later, or he did not have enough faith in himself to make them come true.

– Suddenly it was too late.

He looked me in the eyes and said; “Astrid, you must live while you’re alive.”

This conversation made a deep, deep impression on me. Now this is what it is all about for me. To follow my dreams.

Do what it takes, take step by step into the unknown. Learning along the way and do the things that make me happy and make me feel that I am living my life to the fullest.

Jan Sverre Sivertsen

Jan Sverre Sivertsen

Standing at the South Pole in 2011 is a bitter sweet memory. A fantastic trip did not end as I hoped. Instead of skiing in triumph to the pole, we covered the final stretch by airplane.

Then and there I decided that I wanted to go back some day.

To go back to this pure, unique, historic and powerful place powered by my own two feet – just as Amundsen did when he conquered the South Pole for his own sake and for the newly born kingdom of Norway.

To assist the first woman to go Amundsen’s historic route, makes this trip even more meaningful to me.

With two daughters at home, it is a good opportunity for me to show that anyone can achieve equal goals no regardless gender, religion or background – and to show that men and women working together often make the best teams.

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