Follow your dream!

“The wish we have for you is to find the urge and joy to follow your dream. That you create for yourself your own symbolic “South Pole goal”. No matter what this will be, and no matter how big or small”

Astrid says: I want to express what my patient told me: “Astrid, you have to live while you are alive”. And this is not only about me. This reminder to BE ALIVE are a reminder for all of us. We only got one life, so let us cultivate it to the fullest.

Manifest your dream while we reach ours

Some words of wizdom to ourself, and to those who dear to dream.

  • Is it about time to break out of patterns and create new pathways in your life?
  • Dear to dream. Bring them forth and start with small steps
  • Challenge yourself!
  • Create goals and walk the steps to make it happen
  • Never doubt yourself, but dig for your strengt and use it
  • Everyone have skills in something. Use it, and built your dream
  • Belive that you will make it, because you can do more than you think

Let’s create history together along the way

By sharing our dream, ups, downs and challenges, we look forward to show you this journey towards our goal. You will see that it will be rough and long, but worth pursuing.

Maybe you want to share your dream with us, so that we can inspire each other. We will share our joy and excitement of being IN the journey. Or, you can join by just having us cheer on each other.

  • On the link “We Joined” you’ll find peopel who already joined. Some are just sharing their excitment and joy, and some have shared their dreams.
  • We use the hashtag #findyoursouthpole and #finndinsydpol on social media. You may use the same hashtags and be part of if all!

Buy a spot for your photo on the sled

Join us on this adventures journey towards the South Pole and have your photo on sled. Let this be your symbol on your fulfilling your own dreams, or simply to cheer on our journey in Antarctica.

The photo of you will be our inspiration and joy during our 80 day trailing in 40 degress below. Rough and endless days will come along our way. And the cold will take it’s toll on us. But by having all you supportes with us along the way, we will be reminded of all our dreams. Many of which would probably not happen without our common effort.

Maybe you, like us, needed a reminder of truly living while being alive!

Dreams have a power of intent!

We have found our power of intent, like many other explorers before us. We will bring our facination for Antarctica, the South Pole, and the hero-ism of our old heros to you. The story of the impossible that becomes possible. And about the forces of the nature we have to fight, just like in 1911.

You will be part of our journey, and together we will create new Polar history!

Everything starts with a dream. And big dreams have created history before…

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