Support the expedition and be part of the adventure!

I have set myself a crazy big goal of becoming the first lady in the world to walk the route of Roald Amundsen to the South Pole. The most famous South Pole route in the world has not been challenged by any woman. Join me in doing this!

Astrid Furholt

Support the expedition and receive e-mail updates directly from Antarctica during the expedition. Or, choose to support us by having family photo or logo flag plantet at the South Pole! (below)

Support the Expedition: Have a flag with family photo or company logo set down at the South Pole!

Maybe the most impressive Christmas gift of the year? Support our expedition and get a 50x70cm flag with photo of your family set down at the South Pole. Or your company logo-flag planted at the South Pole, indicating your support.

Families and Christmas gifts

  • Have your family photo on a 50x70cm flat
  • Receive e-mail newsletter updates directly from the expedition

For businesses

  • Your company logo-flag in size 50x70cm at the South Pole
  • E-Mail newsletter updates directly from the expedition

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